Everything You Need To Know About Hardlight Shadow

Hard Light Overview

Hard light Shadow is a new lighting style option available from POW.

What Is It?

Hard Light has 2 distinct attributes; first it has a nice hard edge shadow that comes off the side of the product that helps give the product a sense of dimension. Second, the hard edge light on the product helps enhance the texture of the product usually resulting in an image with more contrast.  

Hard Light get's its name from the specular hard light that is required to produce the shadow.  Direct sunlight is a type of specular hard light, but we mimic it in studio with flash. A specular light usually doesn't look great on a product but we use a special technique called Multi-Capture composite to make sure that the product always looks it's best.

There is no additional fee for ordering hardlight. Just pick the option when placing your order under background.  

Remember when providing direction to specify if you want the shadow to be on a specific side or if you would like it overhead or standing up. Overhead is the best position to show off the shadow.



Get Inspired
Check-out some examples of this fun new lighting style?   

Hardlight Pinterest Board

Our Hardlight Portfolio



Upgrade Standard Listings With Hardlight 

We all know about your standard listing image, like the examples below. Hardlight is a great way to mix it up a little bit and take your listing a new level.


Group Photos Look Trendy With Hardlight 

There's just something about group photos shot with hardlight that makes them look sort of edgy and cool. It's best to do overhead photos as opposed to straight-on or you will not see the hard-edge however it can be done.  


Get Creative With Hardlight

Here's some examples of how people are getting creative with hardlight shadow.  

What to Keep In Mind:

  • You are responsible for giving clear instructions. The best way is to provide a cell phone photo of the angles you're looking for. All the photos you see above started with a quick cell phone photo on someones desk letting us know where they wanted us to position the products. 
  • You must provide all props and backgrounds. In situations with leaves, flowers or food, the customer used a food or flower delivery service.  

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