Do You Photograph Clothing?

We currently only offer very limited clothing photography services.

Why Don't You Photography Clothing?  

We've found that we cannot provide a professional level production without a live art director to approve images during the time of the shoot.  Providing critical decisions of how a garment should lay, fold or pleat is basically impossible to provide remotely or in advance, which is heart of our business model.  In our experience, it is best to have a primary decision maker actively involved during the shoot or the result is an unusually high amount of reshoots.  

Services We Do Offer

If you are willing to waive the right to reshoots than we may consider the project.  We can only shoot layflat clothing, which costs $59.99 per photo.  We cannot do model photoshoots, lifestyle or invisible mannequin photos at this time.  This service is typically good for simple shots, like promotional t-shirts, but not great if you're a fashion designer that wants their fashion line photographed.  Email us if you're interested.

We can photograph accessories with our standard service.  This includes objects like hats, shoes, gloves, belts and socks.

We're Working On it

We are working on creating this service and if you would like to stay informed sign-up below.  We are estimating our first test projects in 2018.  We won’t spam you, we promise, we keep this list separate from our standard marketing and will only let you know if we start to offer this service.

What To Do Until Then

Until we can offer this service, we recommend contacting a traditional fashion photographer that can put this sort of shoot together for you. Outside of doing a google search for photographers or looking on craigslist; below is a list of reputable websites to find high quality professionals.

Commercial Photographer Organizations

Private Online Directories