Frequently Asked Questions?

What's The New Address We've moved to a larger better studio!  As of June 24th 2016, please send all packages to Attn: Order #(insert order number) POW Photography 1801 W. Warner # 102 Chicago, IL 60613-1822 What if it's already sent to the old address? We'll still get it.  We have people at both locations still. Will this effect turn around times? NO!  Turn around times will not be affected by this change because we're awesome like that!   ...... Learn More
How Fast Is The Turn Around Our Standard Turn Around Time is 7 business days or less from the time we receive the product & the order is placed. We have a Rush Turn Around Time which is 3 business days or less from the time we receive the product & it is an additional +$20 per photograph. Where Do I Send My Stuff Do not send us your products unless you've placed an order. If you have placed an order send it here: Attn: Order #(insert order number) POW Photography 1801 W. War ...... Learn More
Free Return Shipping Rules Products On White Photography, as of July 15th, 2015, now offers free return shipping on most orders. There are a few reasonable rules. Orders must be at least $75 or more. That's 2 standard paid photographs. For return shipping, we will cover up to $20 for orders under $500. For orders over $500, we will cover up to 4% of the final sale price. This is not a $20 credit.  If the cost of shipping is more than the customer must cover the entire shipping c ...... Learn More
Overview This tutorial is going to show you how to prepare your images for your website.  We're going to need to know what size we need the image and then were going to need to crop it.  In this walkthrough i'm going to show you Background Info Different image file types Difference between DPI and Pixel Dimensions   How To/Step By Step How to use chrome developer tools to figure out the image size you need. How to crop your image to the size you need How to ...... Learn More
After you've placed your order you'll receive an confirmation email detailing out your next steps.   Step 1. Reply To The Email & Tell Us How You Want It Photographed: This is the most important step because we can't successfully photograph your product if you don't tell us how you want it photographed. Having our clients provide clear instructions is the only way we can provide you with great photos. Without detailed direction you will not be eligible for reshoots or refunds. ...... Learn More
We are working on creating this service and if you would like to stay informed sign-up for the list. We won't spam you, we promise. Sign up here Until we can offer this service, we recommend contacting a traditional commercial photographer that can put this sort of shoot together for you. Outside of doing a google search for photographers or looking on craigslist; below is a list of reputable websites to find high quality professionals. Commercial Photographer Organizations ASMP: https ...... Learn More
Hue Shift Overview Changing the color of your product to other colors in photoshop seems like a great way to save a bunch of money.  However, we're very cautious about accepting jobs where Hue Shifting is a part of the order and there is a great misunderstanding about the ability to accomplish this with professional results. First a basic understanding about Hue (the Color), Chroma (Saturation) and Value (Lightness).  A really great breakdown can be found on this post by a dental compa ...... Learn More
Basic File Types We Deliver Delivery Standards for all files: White Background: Images are delivered with full 255/100% pure white around the product to meeting most online retailer standards. Basic Retouching: Images are carefully color matched to the product, retouched for minor dust and minor scratches, skewed to be straight if photographed straight on. Shadows & Reflections: Contact shadows are maintained and reflections are gradated to white no more than 25% below the produ ...... Learn More
POW has made the process of getting product photography as simple as ordering anything online. It's super simple to use! Step 1: Click Start Your Order The first step is simple just click start your order in the main menu.  You'll be taken to a secure shopping page with lots of options. Step 2: Choose What You Want To Order There are a number of different services that we offer and just like buying anything online, you can add these services to your cart and continue sho ...... Learn More
  Important! [raw] Do not ship us your product unless you’ve placed an order. Your first step is to place an order through the website. Products without orders will be disposed of. We also tend to receive products in boxes of all sizes. Due to the unpredictable nature of these items, we do not cover return shipping. Shipping through UPS is preferred. [/raw] Please Send All Packages to: Pow Photography 1801 W. Warner Ave #102 Chicago, IL 60613 Shipping Notes ...... Learn More
Method 1: Download Individual Images In Large Image Mode (Jpgs & Tiffs) If you need to download jpegs, this is the only method available to you. You cannot download the entire gallery as jpegs, only one by one. We realize that this can be a bit of a hassel but rest assured we are working on developing a better system for you. Step 1: Click On The Image To Make It Big Click the thumbnail of the image you want to download. Step 2: Click Download to Get Options While viewing ...... Learn More

Free Return Shipping 🎁 When you spend $75 or more and the cost of shipping is less than $20 Click For Details