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Free Return Shipping Details

Free Return Shipping Rules

Products On White Photography, as of July 15th, 2015, now offers free return shipping on most orders. There are a few reasonable rules.

  • Orders must be at least $75 or more. That’s 2 standard paid photographs.

  • For return shipping, we will cover up to $20 for orders under $500. For orders over $500, we will cover up to 4% of the final sale price.

  • This is not a $20 credit.  If the cost of shipping is more than the customer must cover the entire shipping costs.

  • We will decide the return shipping method, typically USPS Priority Mail or Ground shipping. No overnight, couriers or pallets. So if you need it back quickly or in a special manner you may want to provide a return shipping label or account number.


Free Return Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send you our package with Fedex/UPS and still get free return shipping?
Yes, but we will decide the best way to send it back. It will be either USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground Or Fedex Ground, typically whichever is cheaper.

Can I get my package sent to a different place than the billing address or other than where it was shipped from like if it was drop shipped?
Yes! Just make sure you put that address in the Shipping Address when checking out.

What are my options if I don’t qualify for free return shipping

  • You can be billed later via payal invoice

  • You can include a prepaid shipping label in the box to cover shipping costs.

  • You can provide a Fedex or UPS Account # that can be used to pay for the costs.

  • You can drop off and pickup it up yourself

  • You can let us keep the item after the shoot.

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Free Return Shipping 🎁 When you spend $75 or more and the cost of shipping is less than $20 Click For Details