Our Totally Reasonable Reshoot Policy

Our Totally Reasonable Reshoot Policy

Nobody wants a reshoot or a redo - but it happens and we are set up to accommodate it when it does. We've tried to keep this policy simple and fair, allowing us to give free redos when it's warranted but limit it from abuse. Most people are surprised by the amount of work that goes into photographing each product here and we want to make sure we can continue to offer these services at a competitive price.

If you need a reshoot, please review the article linked below on how to provide reshoot direction.

Learn More About What To Do If You Don't Approve Of The Photos

Our Totally Reasonable Re-shoot Policy 

The Basics Of The Policy

  • If you tell us clearly how to photograph your product and we don’t do it that way, we’ll redo it for free.

  • If you change your mind or want something different than what you specified in the directions, then that will be a paid reshoot.

Other Policy Details

  • Minor photoshop adjustments are always free.

  • You can disapprove an image up to 2 times then the order will be closed & refunded.

  • After a refund is given you may not use the image.

  • All redos will be done in 5 business days or less.

  • Unpaid re-shoots must be placed as a new order.

Paid vs Unpaid Reshoot Example


Paid Re-shoot Example

The customer only provided a text description of what they wanted and no match image. The directions were misinterpreted by the photographer because they were not clear that they wanted the box on the left and rotated. If the customer requests a re-shoot it will be paid.



The customer provided a match image and direction specifying a gap between the product and box. POW delivered an image without the gap & will re-shoot this image for free.

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Retouching Limitations

We want you to have great photos but if products are received damaged or there are major imperfections in the product that require significant retouching, we cannot fix these things for free.


 1. Basic Retouching:   Included Free In Base Price

a. Remove background so it is white around the outside of the product.
b. Removing dust and basic scratches on the products.
c. Enhancing the natural color of the product.
d. Fixing a small dent or scratches.  

2.  Advanced Retouching:   $20 per 15 minutes.

a. Photographing a blank product and adding a fake label.
b. Fixing a big scratch that goes through text where we have to recreate the text.
c. Changing the color of the product to something that it's not but isolated to specific areas.
d. Re-creating a box that has been crushed in shipment.
e. Copying one element from one photo into another (such as photographing one lid and copying into a different product without a lid).
f.  Retouching product into a different background or environment.
g. Creating or manufacturing parts of a product that does not exist.



Common Questions

What do I do if I need a reshoot or redo?
If you are not happy with the photos please let us know. Be detailed with what it is you don't approve of and why. The article linked below will help guide you through this part of the process.

Learn More About What To Do If You Don't Approve Of The Photos

What if I need a reshoot but I don't want to pay for it?
You must show us that we didn't do what you asked us to do. We typically want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but if the initial directions were misleading or you just changed your mind and wanted something else then you may not qualify for a free reshoot.


Can't you shoot a bunch of different versions & let me pick?  
No. Our focus is on creating high quality images and therefore it takes time to set up, light & retouch each photo, usually between 10 - 30 min per product depending. There would also be no limit to the number of variations that we could produce.