Free Return Shipping Details

Free Return Shipping Details


We offer free return shipping on most orders. There are a few reasonable rules.

  1. Orders must be at least $75 or more to qualify for free return shipping.
    Free tests are not covered.

  2. For orders under $500, we will cover up to $20 in shipping costs.

  3. For orders over $500, we will cover up to 4% of the order.

  4. We will decide the return shipping method, typically USPS Priority Mail.

  5. Overnight, couriers, pallets or international shipments may not be covered under free return shipping policies.

  6. Customers who do not qualify for free returns or the shipping cost exceeds the thresholds will be sent a request for payment.


Free Return Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I send you our package with Fedex/UPS and still get free return shipping?
    Yes, but we will decide the best way to send it back. It will be either USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground Or Fedex Ground, typically whichever is less expansive.

  2. Can I get my package sent to a different place than the billing address or other than where it was shipped from (example: if it was drop shipped)?
    Yes! Just make sure you put that address in the Shipping Address when checking out.

  3. If the cost of shipping is below $20 can I get the cost of free shipping as a credit?
    No. The free shipping is an incentive and cannot be issued as a credit or a refund.

  4. Why is your free return shipping policy so complicated?
    We don't know what what you're sending. If you're sending something really big and heavy, then the cost of shipping could be higher than our margins. So we've developed reasonable limits so that we can offer this perk but still stay in business.



What are my options if I don’t qualify for free return shipping?

We'll ask you this again at the end of the order to confirm your choice.

  1. You can be billed later via Paypal invoice.

  2. You can include a prepaid shipping label in the box to cover shipping costs.

  3. You can provide a Fedex or UPS Account # that can be used to pay for the costs.

  4. You can drop off and pick it up yourself.

  5. You can let us keep the item after the shoot.