Amazon Lifestyle Product Photography - Stock Composite Photos

Amazon Lifestyle Product Photography - Stock Composite Photos

The Problem With Real Lifestyle Photography

Here's the problem with lifestyle photography... the photos are very, very expensive to create at a professional level. It seems these days every Amazon fba influencer is touting the importance of lifestyle images for your listing, but they're not providing any specific details about where to get them.

Imagine you're selling party favors & you want a lifestyle photograph of your product in a wedding scene. On a professional shoot, you would rent a location in a nice house, make it look like a wedding, hire a professional model (2 in this case, a bride & groom), style their hair/makeup, purchase and style the wedding clothing, light the scene and set up the product in the scene. A professional shoot like this would cost well over $3000 for the day depending on the location, models & how crazy you want to get with props to make it look like a wedding. 

There are some companies offering these services at bargain prices, but if you really think about the production items listed above, then how is it possible to offer a photoshoot like this for under $500? It doesn't add up and our customers who have used these types of services report that the results are typically not much better than if you had taken the photos yourself with a friend.  

If you're an Amazon Seller, then spending $1000s just doesn't make sense and neither does having a low quality photo that will bring down your brand. That's why compositing your products into lifestyle stock photos is a great alternative. 

Photoshop Compositing Method

To make a composite look great, it's best to start with the scene (stock photo). We will examine the stock photo environment and match that style of lighting and angle when we actually photograph the product. If you don't match the lighting and angles properly, the product will look out of place in the scene.  

To do this technique properly, you need a photographer that knows how to evaluate and match lighting and a retoucher that can realistically blend the product into the scene. Luckily, we have both of those talents here at POW!

Pick your Stock Photo

Pick your Stock Photo

We'll photograph the product so that it matches the stock scene.

We'll photograph the product so that it matches the stock scene.

We Photoshop it all together

We Photoshop it all together

How To Order A Composite Photo

Step 1: Pre-visualize & plan composite

Imagine the scene that you want. Try and find a photo that will allow us to Photoshop the product into the scene realistically.  

Photo 1: Start With Your Product
Provide us with an image or listing of the product so we know what we're working with.

Photo 2: Pick Out The Lifestyle Image
This is the scene in which you would like us to Photoshop the product image into. Try to imagine where the product would be positioned in the stock photo. If you want a hand holding a product, it is difficult to Photoshop another product out of a hand. Having a product resting on a table is the best option.

List of recommended stock photo sites to find photos

Step 2: Send us your images for review

  • Email us a link to the stock image and example of the product to  Do not purchase the stock image until we look at it first. The image you selected may not work.

  • Write out any details that are important to the image, like if you want to show the back of the product instead of the front, or anything we wouldn't normally know.

  • If we can do it, we'll get back to you with an answer asap.

Send your inquiry to


Step 3: If everything is good, we'll send you an invoice

  • A Product Photo To Match The Lighting: $40 per photo

  • The Cost Of The Stock Image: Usually around $33.
    You can can provide it or we can buy it for you, but it is billed at cost.

  • The Cost Of Retouching: $40 per image.


We'll send you an electronic invoice for the project. If you requested other standard images, we will include those images in the estimate as well. You'll simply click the link and check out online. After that, it will be a standard POW Ordering Process!

Step 4: Once paid, just follow the standard process

We've got this down to a science. After you place your order just follow the step by step emails and send us your products. We'll turn it around in 7 business days.  

Learn more about our process on the How It Works Page


That’s it. At the end you'll have a great lifestyle image at a fraction of the price. 

Email us to get started.