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Customers that take some time and learn about our process end up having the best experiences!


Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Is The Turn Around Time

Turn around times begin when the order is placed and the products are recieved. We have 3 turn around times, listed below.

Free | 7 business days or less
+$20 | 3 business days or less
+$60 | 24 hour, call first.

Do You Charge By The Shot Or By The Product?

The price is per photo. So if you have 1 product that needs a front back and side photo, that would be 3 photos.

What If I Don't Like The Photos?

Never fear! There are 2 ways we can protect you.

First, you can try us out with 1 photo for free. We give out a free photo coupon, worth 39.99 off your first order, which you can sign up for at the link below. This way you can get a sense of our process and quality and see if its a good fit for you.

Second, our reshoot policy is flexible if you provide detailed direction on how you would like it photographed. For direction we have a simple rule, if you show us how to shoot it and we don't do it then we'll redo it for free.

In photography there are a million ways to create an image of the same product. We want to help bring your vision to life and have set up a processes to make that happen. In the event we can't match your vision, we've got you covered.

What Is The Type/Size Of Image Do You Deliver?

Standard Files Full Resolution Tif – No smaller than 3000px on any side @ 300 dpi

+5 | Amazon Web-Ready Jpeg – 2000px by 2000px square @ 72dpi

+$5 | Designer’s File – Layered High Res Tif with Clipping Paths – No smaller than 3000px on any side @ 300 dpi

+$5 | Transparent Web-Ready PNG – 2000px by 2000px square @ 72dpi

Why Are You So Expensive?

Better photos sell more products and make your business look more professional. Therefore, we base everything at POW on creating high quality photography for you.

Our price is directly related to the time it takes to photograph a product divided by the cost of hiring a professional photographer + overhead. If we were to lower our rates, we would have to have hire less experienced photographers and have them spend less time with the styling and lighting of individual products. There would be less time for communication with our customers and less budget for retouching. The price in this situation is directly related to the quality of work and customer experience.

We only hire experience professionals here with formal education and our photo sets are top of the line. We are not a "plop and drop" catalog studio pumping out shot after shot in the same lighting setup. Every product is lit carefully to define shape and texture and retouched by professionals to make it stand out. Our customers come to us because they want to improve their ROI and they know that in a listing contest the best photo wins.

All I can say is try us out. We offer 1 free photo on our website. Amazon will show you the metrics. We think that you will see a higher ROI over the life the listing to justify the slightly higher cost.

Where Do I Send My Stuff

Do not send us your products unless you’ve placed an order.

Attn: Order #(insert order number)
POW Photography
1801 W. Warner Ave # 102
Chicago, IL 60613

What is a Silo/Clipping Path?

A clipping path is a hand drawn outline around the product. This is an advanced photoshop tool and should only be ordered if you have the proper experience because its use is not intuitive. They can be ordered after the image has been created as well.

Do You Photograph Jewelry Or Clothing?

We do! Place your order online, just click the tab for clothing or choose jewelry in the product type dropdown.

Can I do group photos and then cut out the products into individual Photos?

Photographing larger groups removes our ability to control the lighting to the same degree as we can with individual shots.

The reason is because the other products may shadow or reflect into each other or prevent us from adding lighting devices we would normally use because there is another product in the way. When used as a group, these shadows and reflection are not distracting because they are actually in the shot in relation to one another, however when extracted they may not look as perfect as if they were photographed individually.

Under our Terms & Conditions, we will not reshoot or retouch to fix these deficiencies that could be fixed by photographing the products individually.

Why Are You So Affordable?

If you're asking this question chances are you've worked with traditional commerical photographers and you're used to spending $3000-$4000 for a day of shooting. We understand, because we come from that world too. Well, we're about to make your life a whole lot easier!

Our pricing is more affordable because we've streamlined our production by focusing on one niche, on white product photos. However, this does change some things that you might be used.

Changes From Traditional Model:
1. You won't be on set for the shoot.
2. Provide direction before the shoot by sending exisiting match images or setting the arragments and taking a cell phone photo.
3. You'll order online upfront by the shot, not the day.
4. Your going to pay about 1/2 the traditional rate.
5. World wide, unlimited usage rights forever are included!

When To Work With Your Traditional Photographer:
1. We're not good at elaborate creative photos different then what is in our portfolio. Basically anything that requires a food or prop stylist.
2. We're usually not a good fit if you don't know what you want and you want to experiment with different variations.

Why We're Awesome!:
1. Our process makes this fast, easy and more affordable then you may be used to.
2. Since we only do 1 thing, on white product photos, we're typically better at it then a traditional shooter. We've got this figure out!


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