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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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There are two types of photography. Studio photography and On Location photography. Here at POW we specialize in studio photography. Specifically, photographing products on an all white background. Which means we currently do not offer any on location Photography.

What is on Location Photography?

Location photography is when you go to where the subject is instead of the subject coming to your studio. Usually it is a photography done at a particular venue or location (i.e. landscape, architectural photography, wedding, exterior, interior, residential, construction photography etc.), rather than in a studio

Shooting on-location at a private residence usually requires a property release. A nice location to make your product look good can range between $400 - $2000 for the day. Sometimes, a production will bring in a prop stylist to stage the location. Days to acquire and return the props are usually paid in addition to the shoot day.

If you're shooting on location, the photographer may require special equipment and a photo-assistant to help set everything up and speed up the shoot. Post-production and special retouching may be required in complicated lighting situation. Food for cast and crew is usually a required expense.

If your photos require an on location shoot we recommend looking for a traditional photographer. Below are some resources for traditional photography.

Search Professional Photographer Directories

Workbook (My Favorite)
This is a free open directory with a long history. There's a lot of real photographers on this list. It's a great place to start.

Wonderful Machine Listings
Photographers on this list have to be vetted and then pay a lot of money to be a part of it. This is a top tier list and probably the priciest.

Search Commercial Photographer Organizations

After film went out of style, trade organizations became a thing of the past. However, the communities that remain are a tight-knit group of industry veterans.

ASMP: https://asmp.org/find-a-photographer
American Society Of Media Photographers has a strong west coast presence.

APA: http://apanational.org/find-a-member
American Photograph Artists has a very strong midwest rep and presence.

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