Clothing Photography By POW!

Ghost Mannequin Clothing Photography

Layflat Clothing Photography

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Ghost Mannequin or Layflat?

Invisible/Ghost Mannequin

The garment is styled on a mannequin and removed through retouching. A great way to give shape and show the natural lay of an item as it would on a person.

Overhead Layflat

The garment is laid flat and photographed from above on a flat surface. This is a classic style with a slight shadow to help separate the item from the background.

Which one is right for me?

There’s no right or wrong answer on this one. Both these styles meet most retailer’s requirements. If you want a side view, pick Ghost mannequin - but otherwise it’s up to you.

Need inspiration or want to see examples of our work? Our Portfolio showcases our Ghost Mannequin and Layflat clothing photography!


Our Apparel Photography Process

We have a 3 stage process that helps us stay organized and makes your clothing look beautiful.

Ghost Mannequin T-Shirt

Prep Styling By A Professional Clothing Stylist

Our in-house clothing stylist steams or irons all the wrinkles out so it looks its best, and dresses the mannequins carefully for invisible mannequin shots. We also adjust the clothing for fit to make sure everything looks great for the shoot.

Layflat Top

High Quality Photography Techniques

Invisible mannequin photos usually require at least 2 photos if not more which will be combined to give the special effect. Our standard lighting is a soft key, angled to give shape to the garment and reveal detail in the fabric.

Ghost Mannequin Cardigan

Careful Expert Retouching

Retouching out a mannequin is hard work if you don’t know what you’re doing. POW has photographed 1000’s of garments and has an advanced coordinated shoot and retouching process to make sure every garment turns out perfect.

Ordering Clothing photography is easy

Our online ordering system makes it easy to tell us exactly how you want your clothing photographed. You can choose between Ghost Mannequin or Layflat Overhead shots, as well as the photography angle.

Check out our guide on Clothing Photography for mannequin sizing and more information.