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How to Take Pictures for Amazon that Will Stand Out and Drive Sales

by Alexandra Sheehan
Amazon is one of the top ecommerce marketplaces in the world—arguably the No. 1 marketplace for online sellers. It’s an excellent channel to boost product and brand awareness, connect with new customers, and expand your already-successful business into new markets and revenue streams. While selling on Amazon may have similarities to your own online store, […]

15 Common Product Photography Mistakes to Avoid in Your Ecommerce Business

by Karthika Gupta
Retailers already know how important product photography is for their business. It’s an investment that takes time, money, effort, and commitment. You don't want to waste your product photography investment. One way to avoid that is getting to know the most common mistakes many brands make with product shots, so you can avoid making them too. […]

Why Advertising Photography Is Important to Any Business

by Anete Lusina
Advertising photography is not just about increasing sales for businesses. Choosing the right photos can help customers connect with your brand, build trust, and keep them returning. Take a look at the different types of photography used in advertising and see which one is right for your business. What is advertising photography? Advertising photography refers […]

Commercial Photography: What it is and How to Use it for Your Ecommerce Business

by Anete Lusina
It may seem commercial photography is for large companies with substantial marketing budgets. But that’s not the case anymore. In the era of ecommerce, even small businesses can and should use high-quality commercial photography for marketing their brand and selling their products.  Get a deeper understanding of commercial photography and how to use it to your […]

How to Nail Your Shopify Product Photography in 2022

by Karthika Gupta
In today’s world of online everything, effective product-based ecommerce websites need to immediately convey the value of their products. The average online shopper’s attention span is only around 10 seconds or less. To stand out, websites need to show potential customers what a product looks and feels like—and convince them it’s something they really need. […]

Why Great Product Photos Boost SEO Conversion Rates

by Susie Marino
Think back to the last purchase you made. Odds are, you didn’t make your decision based on a written description alone. Perhaps you checked out a few product photos, or visualized in your head what your purchase might look like. Essentially, people use images to help paint the picture of what a brand has to […]

What is the Best Lens for Product Photography

by Jeff Delacruz
Introduction A camera is only as good as it’s lens. Make sure to read the Best Camera For Product Photography first before you proceed; we recommend the Canon 6d Mark II or Canon 6d Mark I as great camera bodies to pair with these 2 amazing product photography lenses. I live and breathe product photography. […]

Free Shopify Product Photography Course For Business Owners

POW is very excited to announce our collaboration with Shopify Compass, to bring you an in-depth 5 part free product photography course!  Now more than ever, customers are turning to your images when deciding to purchase your products; that’s why we are grateful for this opportunity to provide you with our insight into the process. […]

The Best Camera For Product Photography

by Jeff Delacruz
Introduction As the owner of a big and busy photography studio (POW! Photography) that shoots hundreds of product photos every day, I get asked what the best camera is for product photography all the time. Over the last decade of shooting, we've narrowed it down to 2 camera bodies that our photography team stands by.  […]

Stolen Photos? Ultimate Guide To Copyright Infringement For Businesses

*Disclaimer:  This article is for informational purposes only and does not contain legal advice. Products On White Photography, LLC, it’s authors or those interviewed accept no liability resulting from following the steps in this article.  Find a copyright lawyer in the Tools Section of the article for official advice on your particular situation. Image theft […]