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Why Great Product Photos Boost SEO Conversion Rates

by Susie Marino
Think back to the last purchase you made. Odds are, you didn’t make your decision based on a written description alone. Perhaps you checked out a few product photos, or visualized in your head what your purchase might look like. Essentially, people use images to help paint the picture of what a brand has to […]

What is the Best Lens for Product Photography

by Jeff Delacruz
Introduction A camera is only as good as it’s lens. Make sure to read the Best Camera For Product Photography first before you proceed; we recommend the Canon 6d Mark II or Canon 6d Mark I as great camera bodies to pair with these 2 amazing product photography lenses. I live and breathe product photography. […]

Free Shopify Product Photography Course For Business Owners

POW is very excited to announce our collaboration with Shopify Compass, to bring you an in-depth 5 part free product photography course!  Now more than ever, customers are turning to your images when deciding to purchase your products; that’s why we are grateful for this opportunity to provide you with our insight into the process. […]

The Best Camera For Product Photography

by Jeff Delacruz
Introduction As the owner of a big and busy photography studio (POW! Photography) that shoots hundreds of product photos every day, I get asked what the best camera is for product photography all the time. Over the last decade of shooting, we've narrowed it down to 2 camera bodies that our photography team stands by.  […]

Stolen Photos? Ultimate Guide To Copyright Infringement For Businesses

*Disclaimer:  This article is for informational purposes only and does not contain legal advice. Products On White Photography, LLC, it’s authors or those interviewed accept no liability resulting from following the steps in this article.  Find a copyright lawyer in the Tools Section of the article for official advice on your particular situation. Image theft […]

4 Tips For Art Directing Your Product Photography Shoot

It’s easy to believe that your job is complete once you’ve selected the right photographer. And, although selecting POW Photography was the best choice for your product photography, and even though we know we will rock this out for you, we want to share a few tips that will allow you to take our services […]

How To Change The Background Of An Image In Photoshop With Clipping Paths

by Joey Chalmers
Learn how to change the background with our Clipped Tif Files. It's easy, fun and can make your photos look totally awesome!

6 Ways To Optimize eCommerce Beauty Listing with Product Photography that Slays

Optimize Your eCommerce Beauty Listing with Photography that Slays When starting a new beauty brand, it can often feel like there is a never-ending list of tasks to complete. From sourcing manufacturers to designing labels and packaging, it’s normal to feel unprepared for launch day. While perfecting your product is arguably the most important part […]

10 Product Photography Tips & Strategies for Business Owners

by Jeff Delacruz,
Create a product photography strategy that goes beyond simple photos. These 10 expert tips will take your listing to the next level & beat the competition!