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How To Become A Product Photographer: The Honest Guide

by Jeff Delacruz
Summary These days it's easier than ever to take great photos. However, there's a big difference between someone who takes photos for fun and a professional photographer. If you are considering following your dream and want to learn how to become a product photographer, this article is written especially for you. I’ve been a professional […]

Ecommerce Photography: Your Tool to Boosting Conversion Rates

by Tammy Danan
Having amazing products is one thing. The ability to showcase how great those products are on a digital platform is another. It doesn’t really matter whether that’s on Amazon, your website, or social media—if your ecommerce photography is low-quality, you won’t effectively convey your products’ value to your audience. Below, we’ll talk all about product […]

What Should I Charge For Photography in 2022?

by Jeff Delacruz
If you're a product photographer or a business shopping around, you may be wondering what is the standard price for product photography.  For the last 10 years I've managed the inbound sales for POW! Photography and prior to that I worked as a commercial freelance photographer.  Below are some of the lessons I learned regarding […]

4 Tips For Art Directing Your Product Photography Shoot

It’s easy to believe that your job is complete once you’ve selected the right photographer. And, although selecting selecting POW Photography was the best choice for your product photography, and even though we know we will rock this out for you, we want to share a few tips that will allow you to take our […]

What Is Product Photography? Tips, Examples, and Best Practices for 2022

by Jeff Delacruz
Product photography is a niche within commercial photography that specializes in shooting products that are typically for sale.