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5 Must-Follow Ecommerce Photography Tips

by Joey Chalmers2021-09-28
5 Ecommerce Photography Tips Plan- Strategize the photos you need for each product listing. Quality - Create a high quality main listing photos. Budget - Set aside a budget to hire a professional photographer. Consistency - Focus on consistency across all listing photos. Lighting, retouching, position & styling. Balance - Balance your straightforward photos with […]

What is Ecommerce Photography?

by Joey Chalmers2021-09-28
Definition: Ecommerce photography is a photo created as a visual stand-in for your product for shoppers in an online store. For example, these are the photos you see on ecommerce product listings for sites from Amazon to Zappos, as well as self-hosted ecommerce sites. If you’ve done any online shopping, you’re already familiar with ecommerce […]

Free Shopify Product Photography Course For Business Owners

by Joey Chalmers2020-09-10,
POW is very excited to announce our collaboration with Shopify Compass, to bring you an in-depth 5 part free product photography course!  Now more than ever, customers are turning to your images when deciding to purchase your products; that’s why we are grateful for this opportunity to provide you with our insight into the process. […]

What to do if someone has stolen your listing photos on Amazon

by Joey Chalmers2020-07-17
Handling Stolen Listing Photos On Amazon What do you do if someone has stolen your listing photos on Amazon?  Creating an image for your listing costs time and money; when another seller uses your photos it can negatively impact your business.  Luckily, Amazon has created a number of processes to protect your images from this […]

Stolen Photos? Ultimate Guide To Copyright Infringement For Businesses

by Joey Chalmers2020-06-09,
*Disclaimer:  This article is for informational purposes only and does not contain legal advice. Products On White Photography, LLC, it’s authors or those interviewed accept no liability resulting from following the steps in this article.  Find a copyright lawyer in the Tools Section of the article for official advice on your particular situation. Image theft […]

How To Change The Background Of An Image In Photoshop With Clipping Paths

by Joey Chalmers2020-03-02
Learn how to change the background with our Clipped Tif Files. It's easy, fun and can make your photos look totally awesome!